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Mindfulness: A Kabbalah Journey

Mindfulness: A Kabbalah Journey


Join Our 6 Stage Exploration of a Present, Mindful Life through Kabbalah Meditation

About the Course


For centuries the wisdom of the Kabbalah has been a guarded secret. Each generation had its masters, sages who understood its depths and then passed it on to their disciples. In turn, those disciples would further their teachers’ methodology, dig deeper and reveal even greater secrets.


Fifteen years of researching the Chabad approach to Kabbalah has led me to a previously unknown "secret" - the force of creation that propels the present moment to "be."

The way to tap into this power is by "Living in the Moment."

Generally, "Living in the Moment" is associated with "mindfulness," an exercise in which a person learns to cope with stress, worry or anxiety by engaging in a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

Chabad Kabbalah, however, is focused on experiencing the force that is propelling those thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations to "be".

Kabbalah Mindfulness is a 6-Step process in which a person learns to tap into the force of creation that is propelling the present moment to "be" as a way to "Live in the Moment" and "Live a Life Devoid of Stress, Worry and Anxiety."

Steps 1-3, "Transcending Time & Space" by "Living a life devoid of Stress, Worry & Anxiety": When a person relates to the present moment as a go-between of the past and the future, he/she becomes trapped in time. Past failures will cause them to worry about future consequences.

However, as soon as a person connects to the force that is propelling the present moment to "be," that moment will come alive from anew - standing alone and unto itself, completely detached from time.

In such a moment, a person will experience a present sense of “being” as an oasis in time, free of all stress, worry and anxiety.

Steps 4-5, “Seeing a World of Good”: Living a life devoid of stress, worry and anxiety really means feeling that life is "good." Therefore, a person must learn to translate their present sense of "being" in "oasis in time" into a new perception of seeing their life as "good".

Step 6, “The Power of a Simple Deed”: Ultimately, the goal is to experience a present sense of “being” and the sense that life is "good" in all that you do.

Then, instead of thinking that the only way to experience comfort and solace is by becoming detached from time and “savoring" the moment, a person can lead a very busy life, yet still experience an inner peace and tranquility in all that they do.

The more a person experiences a present sense of "being" as an "oasis in time" (Steps 1-3), perceives their life as "good" (Steps 4-5) and experiences this in everything they do (Step 6), the more they will become engulfed in an aura of good, causing a ripple effect of good things to happen. For in this approach is the power of good - a power which enables you, your deeds and the force of creation to become “one.”


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