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The Soul, The Afterlife, and Reincarnation

The Soul, The Afterlife, and Reincarnation


6 Stage Journey into Kabbalah of the Afterlife


Kabbalah is the study of Jewish mysticism. Known to be difficult, even impenetrable, its doors were closed to the general public for millenia.


Ever wonder where we go after.... this world? Do you think we become frogs? fish? grasshoppers? horses? What is a soul? Where does it go after it departs this world? Do Jews believe in heaven and hell? Can souls communicate with us from the afterlife? How does reincarnation work?

This is your chance to dabble into Kabbalah's Greatest Secrets. Join Rabbi Yisroel Bernath for a fascinating "out-of-this-world" course. This is one you don't want to miss. No prior study or experience is required to join this class; just an open mind and a willingness to learn.


Lesson 1: Do Angels Exist?
Lesson 2: Does Evil Exist?
Lesson 3: A Deeper Reality
Lesson 4: What's the Purpose of Creation?
Lesson 5: The Soul, The Afterlife and Reincarnation
Lesson 6: Is Reincarnation Possible?


Includes Course Documents and Audio Files 

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